Corporate Ethics



Corporethica is a new product  in the training  market worldwide. Its content is original and designed for the corporate milieu. It represents the result of our work experience in the corporate area and of many years of strenuous and fundamental study in various disciplines like ancient philosophy, animal ethology, religious studies,  art history, psychoanalysis. In order to have a better understanding of a complex phenomenon like corporate ethics one should accept indersciplinarity as a basic methodology.

This is why Corporethica coherently brings together data from several fields of study, thus facilitating a better understanding of ourselves, our role and our mission in the corporate world.

The class uses up-to-date business material and relevant examples from both recent and remote history of the corporations.

Corporethica is, by its novelty in the business world, a program in total accordance with the latest trends in the world economy.  Edmund Phelps, professor at Columbia University and Nobel prize winner in economy in 2006, claims that Western civilization needs a new humanism. Otherwise, the technological and economic progress alone will cause our whole value system to overheat and collapse. Corporethica represents a first necessary step towards a new humanism.



A different kind of course that addresses the mind and spirit of nowadays business people!  

Corporethica is an exercise which tests the compatibility of those involved with their work environment. At the end of this exercise, anyone can determine how adequate he/she is to the position he/she occupies within an organization, to the type of work he/she is doing, to the relationships with the co-workers etc.

By correctly knowing the core values of the corporate phenomenon anyone will find out if he/she fits in the corporate frame and, if the answer is positive, in what way he/she can can contribute to progress of corporate thinking for the common good (economically, socially, ecologically etc).

Corporethica’s goal is to awake people. The class is an invitation to work with ourselves, an action which is often neglected to our moral loss. Corporethica actively challenges our narrow convictions and embedded routine.



  • Your company logo:  what, how and how much do we know about ourselves?
  • The corporate ‘soul’
  • Intraspecific aggression and actual competition (past)
  • Dominant reason and classical capitalism (present)
  • Intuitive empathy: the queen of emotions (future)
  • General conclusions