Creativity & Innovation



In an environment of fierce competition, companies are trying to offer better and better services and products for good prices. The result – those products and services end up resembling each other more and more.

How can we differentiate ourselves from the competition?

The innovation potential and the organization’s ability to reinvent itself  are the main aspects which make the difference between companies. Those aspects are based on every employee’s creativity, whether or not he/she is a manager.

This is why creative and innovative people are so appreciated in the market place, for their special qualities.



  • To all those who are willing to delevop their creative side and creative thinking.
  • To all those who want personal and professional development
  • Employees at any levels



  • What is creativity and how it is developed
  • Creativity and intelligence
  • The role of innovation nowadays
  • Barriers to creativity
  • Characteristics of creative thinking
  • Creativity techniques:  brainstorming, business metaphor, 5 why’s technique, reframing
  • From idea to result: implementing innovation.