Transactional Analysis



Transactional Analysis is a practical concept which can be immediately applied in daily life. It helps the understanding of one’s own self, of human behavior in every situation through:

  • Referring to your own person and to others
  • Self-control and opening communication channels willingly
  • Expressing emotions and feelings in a conscious and constructive way
  • Diminishing interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts
  • Recovering human relations and emotional climate in a community
  • Investing time in activities that bring fulfillment and satisfaction



To those who have followed a communication programme and want to improve the acquired skills.
To managers – to improve the leadership skills.
To those who want personal development.



  • Life positions: ok/not-ok
  • Life scenarios:  winner vs.  loser
  • Behavoir choices: states of self
  • States of self -  contaminations
  • Transaction types: parallel, crossed and hidden transactions
  • Psychological games in organizations
  • Ways of structuring time
  • Awareness of unproductive time
  • Strokes
  • “Stamps collections”
  • Statements, permissions, injunctions.