1. Let's Talk About It

Post training sessions named "Let's Talk About It". Those sessions are designed/conceived for people who followed soft skills trainings. We know that a training programme is just one link in a chain of interventions. Along with countless other actions, training programs can have a low/inadequate impact on changing people's behaviour and on long term business results.

Therefore, the purpose of these sessions is to help you to apply the knowledge acquired during the course.

The sessions length varies between half day and two days; those sessions are facilitated by Dorin Dancu and Florin Enache.


2. Leadership Lunch Talks

We designed these sessions in order to provide managers and leaders with the opportunity to discuss about the main challenges they face dealing with leadership relations in a relaxed informal environment.

We believe that an informal environment, such as a place to have lunch or dinner can bring added value because it invites people to openness and thinking outside the box.


3. Grow Talents

One to one sessions or with small groups (2-4 participants) in order to facilitate the development of people with management potential.

The tools used for these sessions are:

  • Individual coaching/team coaching
  • Training
  • Feedback

"Grow Talents" session varies between two hours and one day.


We are available to answer your questions. For more information about our programs, please contact us.